Cold Steel Scout Series [RECON 1] || Sheet Sharp Blade Knife + SURVIVAL STEEL Folding Knife




Commodity number: 2810418

The Cold Steel Recon I series continues to set an unbeatable standard for tactical folding knives. These tough and reliable knives have been the mainstay of tactical knives for many years, and they have won a hard-won reputation for their reliability and strength. Each of this series of products is equipped with the world-renowned Tri-Ad lock, which makes it almost immune to impact, and protects your precious fingers from injury even when using the knife under the most severe conditions. Able to complete most outdoor tasks. The back lock structure is a very safe lock. Secondly, the thick and wide drop-shaped S35VN steel blade has strong penetrating ability when cutting. The tactical G-10 handle can be said to be the easiest and safest tool on the market.

Item No.: RECON1

Full length: 232m

Blade hardness: 58-60HRC

Blade length: 91mm

Handle material and processing: three-dimensional processing black and green G10


Weight: 156g.

colorful package

【420 Stainless Steel】 Selected heavy duty stainless steel shell, high precision stamping, wear resistance.

【Sophisticated Technology】 After multiple processes of careful grinding, polishing treatment, the surface is smooth.

【Humanized Design】Irregular shell design, feel more comfortable.

【Easy Operation】 The blade replacement button makes it very handy to replace the blade with a single push.

【Easy To Use】All knives are specially designed for easy to use