Karambit Eagle ClawLiner-Lock Sharp Blade With Black Handle Knife Tactical Outdoor Grab Knife




Commodity number: FOX (fox) karambit eagle claw (G10)

FOX (Fox) karambit folding eagle claws, there are two ways to open the blade. The first is the quick-opening hook design. When you carry it, the knife is locked in the trouser pocket by a pocket clip. When you insert your index finger into the hole on the edge of the knife handle, you pull it forward from the pocket. When most of the knives are still hanging in the pocket, its unique quick-opening hook has been coordinated to quickly unfold the blade, so that the "eagle claw" can already attack the opponent when it leaves the pocket. The second is as light and fast as the blade can be opened by quickly dialing with the index finger. Imported 440C blade material, vacuum heat treatment hardness of 59-60, very sharp, shaft copper lining, so that every opening is smooth, the circle is digitally polished by the computer, very suitable for playing with claws, it is the first choice for claw players!
Full length: 19.5CM
Blade length: 7cm
Handle length: 14cm
Blade thickness: 3mm
Blade material: 440C (made in the U.S.)
Hardness: 59 -60HRC (measured hardness)
Handle material: G-10
Weight: 120 grams

【420 Stainless Steel】 Selected heavy duty stainless steel shell, high precision stamping, wear resistance.

【Sophisticated Technology】 After multiple processes of careful grinding, polishing treatment, the surface is smooth.

【Humanized Design】Irregular shell design, feel more comfortable.

【Easy Operation】 The blade replacement button makes it very handy to replace the blade with a single push.

【Easy To Use】All knives are specially designed for easy to use