Genuine Bell Survival Folding Knife Set Edition (Large) || Safety Knives for emergencies




Product Numbers: HW820-2

◇Full length: 21.5cm

◇Handle length: 12cm

◇Blade thickness: 39mm

◇Hardness: 57HRC

◇Knife weight: 120 grams

◇Surface: Titanium plating

Genuine Bell Survival Folding Knife

Essential Bell Knife for Outdoor Survival Series: GERBER Bear Grylls Ultimate Folding Sheath Knife

Bell Ultimate No. 1 Survival Knife: The completion of this product condenses the rich survival experience of Bell Grylls, the host of "Man vs. Wild" (man vs. wild), a famous wilderness survival expert who served in the British special forces. If you want a foldable compact survival knife for outdoor camping adventures, then this Bell Ultimate Survival Knife is indispensable. Put it in a nylon sleeve and hang a belt to go bungee jumping. The Gobobel Survival Series Folding Survival Folding Knife has these characteristics: a dripping tip with good piercing and cutting performance, high-efficiency serrations on the blade, which can quickly cut rope and saw small branches; double-knife button and single-handed knife design in the tail knife It is more popular under the middle eyes; the extremely ergonomic two-color cast BG non-slip handle has a very full grip; the Bell folding knife adopts a very safe traditional back lock system, which can ensure safety even when the knife is closed; the back clip horizontal and vertical buckles are both portable Row. The OEM GERBER Bear Grylls Knife is a genuine authorized production, made of special military steel 7Cr17MoV with knife meat yellow, and the best survival equipment presented by the collection of travel friends.

【420 Stainless Steel】 Selected heavy duty stainless steel shell, high precision stamping, wear resistance.

【Sophisticated Technology】 After multiple processes of careful grinding, polishing treatment, the surface is smooth.

【Humanized Design】Irregular shell design, feel more comfortable.

【Easy Operation】 The blade replacement button makes it very handy to replace the blade with a single push.

【Easy To Use】All knives are specially designed for easy to use