Liner Black Line Printed On Handle Sharp Edge Blade Knife




Commodity Number: GTC-F33 Flying Over Time and Space (Pointed)

Gustavo Cecchini is a famous craftsman by profession. His brand is called GTC knives. The design of the independent knife, the level of metal processing and cutting is unmatched in the world so far. He said: "Life is like a whetstone. If you are worn down by it or polished, the more it shines. It really depends on what material you belong to." His work represents a masterpiece of hand-made in the world today. The design style is very modern, avant-garde, angular, and superb production methods. He has won numerous awards. In the knife shape he made, there is one thing in common, that is, the combination of rigidity and softness of metal materials and the overall color match are used to express the smoothness, texture and strength of the metal itself. People feel involuntarily asking: this is metal NS?
Type: Medium Folding Knife
Brand: GTC
Full length: 24.2cm
Blade length: 10.5cm
Blade width: 2.8cm (at the widest point)
Closing: 13.6cm
Hardness: 58HRC
Blade thickness: 0.58cm
Weight: 310 grams (knife weight)
Surface: Gray-plated titanium (high grade and not easy to scratch)
Blade material: Huangshan 5Cr15
Handle material: metal and carbon fiber
Locking: wire lock
Other: sharp cutting edge

【420 Stainless Steel】 Selected heavy duty stainless steel shell, high precision stamping, wear resistance.

【Sophisticated Technology】 After multiple processes of careful grinding, polishing treatment, the surface is smooth.

【Humanized Design】Irregular shell design, feel more comfortable.

【Easy Operation】 The blade replacement button makes it very handy to replace the blade with a single push.

【Easy To Use】All knives are specially designed for easy to use