Reissue version-Butterfly folding knife (G10 handle) || steel sheet For Emergencies Outdoor Camping Hunting




Reissue Version-Butterfly 535 Folding Knife (G10 Handle)
This two-color G10 butterfly 535 is a new product for 2020. When it has not yet been launched, it has already caused waves in the circle of foreign knife friends. When this model is launched, it is even more popular and sold out immediately after arrival! When it debuted, some fans thought it was just a concept version, because Butterfly Company did not reveal the exact production time of the product, but with the release of the Bugout news, it was loved during the pre-sale period. Its ultra-light structure has become its main selling point. The weight of this folding knife is controlled at 60 grams, which makes it easy to join the EDC ranks. However, although the EDC knife quickly became popular in 18 and 19, but For companies like Butterfly, it is still very advantageous to design EDC cutters on the basis of maintaining the brand characteristics. There is a large tether hole at the tail, which can be connected with an umbrella rope or a quick hook.
Model: BM535
Full length: 19cm
Blade length: 8cm
Handle length: 11CM
Blade thickness: 2.5mm
Blade material: s30v
Hardness: 59HRC
Surface: forged
Handle material: two-color G10
Structure: AXIS Lock
Net weight: 60g
Weight: 129g (including box)
Packing: original color box, manual, velvet bag,


【420 Stainless Steel】 Selected heavy duty stainless steel shell, high precision stamping, wear resistance.

【Sophisticated Technology】 After multiple processes of careful grinding, polishing treatment, the surface is smooth.

【Humanized Design】Irregular shell design, feel more comfortable.

【Easy Operation】 The blade replacement button makes it very handy to replace the blade with a single push.

【Easy To Use】All knives are specially designed for easy to use